Roof and Chimney Inspections without Scaffolding

Oxford Drone Services Chimney Inspection

One of the key drone services we offer at Oxford Drones is Unmanned Roof and Chimney Inspections. 

We can take many high resolution images at angles and viewpoints that cannot be seen from the ground. This is not only quicker than arranging for a more conventional chimney inspection but safer and carries less disruption. 

Although it isn’t the same as a person being up close and personal, it should provide a chimney contractor with enough information to assess and form a quote without the expense of scaffolding and associated risk of working at height. 

You may still need work doing on your roof or chimney but after an aerial inspection you will only have the scaffolding up for as long as the repair takes, rather than having it up more than once or for a prolonged time. This could save hundreds if not thousands of pounds from the very start.

How Long Does a Chimney Inspection Take?

For most residential properties and many commercial properties such as pubs, our drone inspections are carried out within the hour. 

Most of the planning is done before we arrive on site, such as checking Flight Zones, local area and Take off and Landing Area so we can carry out the inspection not long after arrival, depending on local conditions. 

We aim to provide the highest quality images & photos within one working day and you are welcome to watch the inspection live, especially if you have particular areas of concern. We are always to liaise with your roofing or chimney contractor to help give you the best inspection possible.

Because of the image quality of our drones, you can zoom in closer to see more detail not seen whilst flying or observing on a mobile device.

Is a Drone Survey Cheaper than a Manned Roof Inspection?

Almost certainly. Not only is an unmanned chimney inspection quicker but an average roof inspection can cost on average between £250-£500.

Some contractors may offer a free roof inspection but according to Checkatrade these tend to recoup their losses with expensive repairs so obtaining an unbiased, detailed report is more likely from a roofing contractor who charges a small fee.

We are happy to send our reports to any authorised contractors as well as you, the customer, to help give you the best chance at a cost effective and appropriate repair. 

If a post-repair unmanned survey is needed for piece if mind or warranty purposes, we will do this at a reduced rate.

What Does an Unmanned Roof and Chimney Inspection Cover? 

At the quote stage we will go through your needs and any specific areas of concern.

We will deal with any planning needed, such as informing local air traffic controllers if your property is within or near a restricted flight zone, and look at where most appropriate to take off and land to minimise disruption to neighbours and public. 

Wherever possible and if needed we will inform neighbouring properties of our intention to fly a drone for commercial purposes. 

Once airborne you are welcome to observe the live feed of the flight in case there are areas of concern so you can see in real time. Please bear in mind, however that any distraction to the drone pilot should be kept to a minimum.

Drone Mapping

For compicated or large projects we may employ automated mapping software to cover a large area quickly whilst capturing the data we need. This will be discussed beforehand and carries no additional cost to you. We usually carry out a manual flight after mapping to capture additional data through video or images at different angles to ensure everything is accounted for.

Checking for Roof Damage

Your roof may need maintenance or repair for a variety of reasons such as but not restricted to:

  • Wind or storm damage.
  • Blocked or broken gutters.
  • Debris build up such as moss or leaves left to rot.
  • Mould.
  • Cracks.
  • Leaks.
  • Snow damage. 

We will check all areas of the roof and chimney you need assessing including tiles, flashing, pointing, chimney pots, and any other areas of interest.

If you would like a no obligation quote for an unmanned roof inspection or to discuss your needs, feel free to call or email Oxford Drone Services below.

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