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About Oxford Drones

Welcome to Oxford Drones

Who We Are

We are a small, local outfit based near Bicester, Oxfordshire and although we cover Oxfordshire mainly, we do go further afield.

Flying drones for both work and fun has led us to fly in some interesting and beautiful areas from abandoned World World 2 towers in Buckinghamshire to capturing video of horses being ridden on a hack to tracking modified cars.

Although we focus on domestic and commercial roof inspections and mapping, we also carry out work more associated with things people think of when they picture drones such as aerial photos of property and land.

Coming from a background in drainage which often involves high risk such as working at heights, in confined spaces and around dangerous machinery, involving drones to capture data without the need to put an operative at risk was a logical step forward.

How Oxford Drones Can Help You

We believe that by using the latest drone technology and software, we can vastly reduce risk and cost at the early stages of domestic and commercial roof work.

Identifying problems remotely helps give an unbiased view when obtaining quotes and helps give a general “big picture” and close up detail when investigating or mapping a property.

More Drone Services

As well as residential and commercial roof projects, we also offer construction services.

For example, in recent times building contractors have been using drones to capture images and data of before, during and after their construction sites.

We are also happy to carry out flyovers of sites whether for general promotional material or auditing purposes, as long as it is safe and we can carry out standard operating procedures, eg. keeping a safe distance from public and not allowing our drones to interfere with the site.

Whatever your need for our drone services, feel free to discuss it with us. We like to try out different and interesting flights!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Alternatively check out or Contact Page for more details.

All the best,



Oxford drones owner and remote pilot

Having spent many years in the drainage industry and working both at height and in confined spaces, Health & Safety has always been at the forefront of anything that carries risk.

It became apparent in recent years that modern drones can achieve much greater results in assessments without the risk of sending someone up high on ladders, scaffolding or work platforms and so Oxford Drones was started.

Since then, I’ve found drones to be a very cost effective and simple method of assessing roofs and areas with difficult access. Thanks to modern technology we can also map entire properties and land around it with relative ease, and use drones for more entertaining purposes such as filming modified cars, horses and sports…

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