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At Oxford Drones, we specialise in unmanned aerial roof inspections and surveys using the latest drone technology and software. Our team is based near Bicester, Oxfordshire, and we cover Oxfordshire and beyond. We have flown in some interesting and beautiful areas, from abandoned World War 2 towers in Buckinghamshire to capturing video of horses being ridden on a hack to tracking modified cars.

Our team comes from a background in drainage, which often involves high risk such as working at heights, in confined spaces, and around dangerous machinery. Involving drones to capture data without the need to put an operative at risk was a logical step forward for us.

How We Can Help You By using the latest drone technology and software, we can vastly reduce risk and cost at the early stages of domestic and commercial roof work. Identifying problems remotely helps give an unbiased view when obtaining quotes and helps give a general big picture and close up detail when investigating or mapping a property.

In addition to our roof inspection services, we offer construction services. Building contractors have been using drones to capture images and data of before, during and after their construction sites. We are also happy to carry out flyovers of sites whether for general promotional material or auditing purposes, as long as it is safe and we can carry out standard operating procedures.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss your project with us, feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, visit our Contact Page for more details.

Thank you for considering Oxford Drones for your aerial photography and mapping needs.

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