Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections in & around Oxfordshire

We carry out unmanned aerial inspections for a variety of properties and roof types. Below you can see examples of previous inspections and how much easier it is to use a drone to capture high quality images without the risk of ladders.

Commercial Roof Inspections

From warehouses to factories to pubs and anything in between, we can easily get to hard to reach places and visually inspect rooftops and places not visible from the ground.

Commercial Unmanned Inspections

Inspecting a Fragile Roof with Drones

Here is an example of using a drone to inspect hard-to-reach places. This commercial roof isn’t particularly high up, but it is fragile. Without disturbing any delicate sections such as the skylights, our drone quickly assessed the roof, gutters and windows from the comfort of the ground.

Whether or not any faults are found, carrying out routine inspections can give a good indication of the condition of your property or properties you manage.

Residential & Household Unmanned Inspections

Inspecting a Residential Roof with Drones

Here we carried out a gutter inspection in Bicester with a DJI Mini SE, the perfect asset for carrying out aerial inspections in built up areas. Whilst checking the gutters at the rear of the house, we also looked at the condition of the roofing tiles as we were already in the air. Whether or not any faults are found, carrying out routine inspections can give a good indication of the condition of your property or properties you manage.

Below you can see a selection of previous flights carried out for different purposes.

Benefits of initial unmanned aerial inspections vs traditional methods:

Unmanned Inspections

  • Removes risk inherent with working at height
  • High resolution images and video
  • Cover more area in less time
  • Utilise higher mobility to capture images from varying angles and heights
  • Unbiased reports

Traditional Manned Inspections

  • Risk of falling from ladders/roof
  • Often needs scaffolding or other supports, which can be costly and disruptive
  • Limited views to capture images from
  • Can be just as expensive but with the above hassle and inconvenience

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