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Using Drones for Things other than Rooftops and Countryside Photos & Video

Here are a selection of videos we’ve taken over the last couple of years of more interesting things than the usual roofs and countryside scenery.

A lot of them are opportunistic flights taken whilst having the drones to hand and a few are after some roof inspections, we will add more as we find more interesting videos to film.

More information on the drones we used can be found by clicking the links below:

Filming Horses with Drones

Here we tried out filming some horses in a field near Bloxham, Banbury in Oxfordshire. The riders were very confident and the horses were solid and reliable, but it was still a nerve-wracking flight to carry out!

The video uploaded to YouTube is unedited and pretty much one flight as it was a trial to see how the horses would react (they didn’t even acknowledge the annoying buzzing thing zipping around the field).

Filming Abandoned Towers with Drones and Smartphone

This video was uploaded to YouTube as a compilation of drone and phone footage, showing some abandoned places near an old RAF base, long overgrown and abandoned since WW2.

Tracking a Modified Car with a Drone

This was almost accidental in that whilst waiting for our third-party mapping software to update to allow an automated roof mapping survey, we used DJI’s ActiveTrack to follow a classic modified Mini (with permission and after office hours so it was empty).

This does just show what can be done with some more planning and a controlled environment!

East West Rail near Launton

This was taken from near Marsh Gibbon, showing the East West Rail project near the crossroads that link Launton to Marsh Gibbon. It was in June 2021 so looks quite different now and needs an update to show this section almost being finished.

Flying alongside DJI Mavic Mini in Oxford

This video was taken early on when we first started and we tried getting a decent image of a DJI Mini with Oxford in the background. We achieved our objective but with current experience and confident we feel we will get a better outcome, especially as we’ll do it from a less distracting place- our take-off and landing zone was a cordoned-off customer’s private car park but this did not stop some distractions.

Flooding between Merton & Islip, Oxfordshire captured by Drone

These videos were taken after some heavy rain on the way home. Just seemed like an opportunity get a different perspective and zoom out from the flooded road. Also it helped to see other vehicles get through so I knew I’d make it…

This next one captured a poor cyclist making their way through the flood water, but they made it by sticking to the middle of the road.

HS2 near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

We were at a property off the A41 when this was taken. It was a good opportunity to video from above the HS2 works, nearby wind turbine and new Berryfields estate on the corner of Aylesbury.

Launton Road, Bicester: Showing Progress at East West Rail and Roadworks

This was a quick flight on the edge of Bicester near the Launton bridge showing the progress of this area in 2021.

Quick flight over Brynowen beach, near Aberystwyth, Wales

This was an evening flight during a holiday in Brynowen, Wales. It wasn’t a long flight as I did not want to go to far out into the water in case of any issues with unpredictable wind out there and it’s always a good idea to minimise flying over people so the majority of the beach was out of bounds.

Seacourt Tower, Oxford. Near A34.

This was on the outskirts of Oxford, showing Seacourt Tower and that part of Oxford. This is a good glimpse at the amount of green space around Oxford, which isn’t always obvious from the ground.

Botley Junction of A34, Oxford

This was the same flight as before but showing the junction coming off the A34 to Oxford or Swindon. It was mostly taken as there was very little light when facing Oxford so the drone was pointed this way. Because it was the Mavic being used at the time, it was very steady and at some points could be mistaken for a very high-up traffic camera.

Headington, Oxford, Showing Nuffield Hospital

This was a flight from a green space outside Nuffield Hospital in Oxford, showing the hospital and surrounding area. Another example of the amount of greenery in and around Oxford.

Flight over River Thames in Oxford, near Binsey.

This was a bit of a test flight with the DJI Mini SE to see how it would it how it would hold up compared to our Mavic 2 Zoom in open space.

For something that fits in a pocket, it wasn’t too bad! There is some lag on the second video but it doesn’t interrupt the feed and soon catches up. Considering the Mini SE was purchased for smaller spaces and residential rooftops, it does hold up and it’s clearly a versatile little drone.

Both these videos are recordings from the same flight over the water near Binsey, Oxford and on the same battery.

Longbridges Nature Park, Oxford

This was a quick flight near the Travelodge in Oxford, after finding a decent take-off and landing spot.

This was the DJI Mini SE again, and with some planning this could be a nice area to capture canoeing and highlight the greenery around Oxford City.

Billowing Factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire

This flight was near sunset after a commercial roof inspection we carried out in Banbury to help investigate some ongoing leaks from their roof. It was mostly a 360 view of Banbury from above, with the factory as a focal point. I can still smell that now!

Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire

This video was taken from the edge of Marsh Gibbon after a local roof inspection. It gives a bird’s eye perspective of the little village located a few minutes from Bicester.

Bure Park, Bicester, Oxfordshire

This was taken from just outside of Bicester and shows the majority of the Bure Park estate in Bicester. From this angle and height you can clearly see the layout of this part of Bicester.

Fishing Lakes near Irthlingborough, Northampton.

This was a short flight from a private car park after some training in Irthlingborough, showing the lakes behind and surrounding countryside near the town.

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