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Drone Services in Bicester

Bicester was the fastest growing town in the UK between the 1950’s and 2001, and in recent years has boomed again with Bicester Village expanding and warehouses and care homes being built around the ring road and then the East-West Rail added to the mix, making Bicester an ever-changing and dynamic area to live in.

With a good mix of residential, commercial and agricultural property and land, Bicester is a great place for aerial photography.

We’ve carried out numerous flights in and around Bicester and benefit from the area having little restriction in terms of flight zones, with the exception of the Bicester Gliding Club airfield and some Ministry of Defence sites but these are easily avoided with careful planning.

We can carry out roof inspections and property photos with ease in and around Bicester and surrounding areas.

If you need any aerial inspections carried out or just basic photography and video from above, feel free to get in touch below.


Oxford drones owner and remote pilot

Having spent many years in the drainage industry and working both at height and in confined spaces, Health & Safety has always been at the forefront of anything that carries risk.

It became apparent in recent years that modern drones can achieve much greater results in assessments without the risk of sending someone up high on ladders, scaffolding or work platforms and so Oxford Drones was started.

Since then, I’ve found drones to be a very cost effective and simple method of assessing roofs and areas with difficult access. Thanks to modern technology we can also map entire properties and land around it with relative ease, and use drones for more entertaining purposes such as filming modified cars, horses and sports…

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